Formations are only a guide, if your position is taken, then please email Info@FlexiFootball AFTER your booking is complete. The referee will turn up on the day with bespoke formations for the game, and we rotate keeper position unless a dedicated keeper is playing.

DID YOU KNOW? - Keepers play Flexi Football for FREE! Just sign up as keeper, and your payment will be refunded after the game is finished.

Clapham Common (AM)
Clapham Common (PM)
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Playing Football in London

Playing Footb

There's a problem with football in the UK....

There's a problem with Football in the UK.   In the last decade 200,000

Play 11 a side football in London - With Flexi Football

  If you've played 4-6 a side in London, then you'll know the struggles. It's a hassle ge